About The Ekklesia Blog

Ekklesia (pronounced ek-lay-SEE-a) is a transliteration of the New Testament Greek word meaning “assembly.”  It is the word used in the New Testament that is translated “church” in most modern English versions of the Bible. But does church convey the meaning and intent of ekklesia? Join me on this journey from church to ekklesia.

Jesus-centered and gospel-focused, The Ekklesia Blog asks honest questions about the institutional church and religious/church tradition.

  • Did Jesus intend for his bride, the ekklesia, to have a top-down authority structure or is that concept foreign to the New Testament?
  • What is a pastor/elder/bishop?
  • Why do we use honorific titles when referring to certain people in the assembly?
  • Is there such a thing as “clergy” in Scripture, or is that a man-made institution designed to control others?
  • Why do so many institutional churches insist upon meeting on Sunday and what about holy days?
  • What about formal church membership? Is that a concept found in Scripture or has tradition handed that to us?
  • What is the role of women in Christ’s assembly? Have we succeeded in silencing half the ekklesia?

Mike Adams, a former pastor in institutional church settings is your host for this blog as we search together for honest and open answers to these questions and many more. The Ekklesia Blog is an extension of The Ekklesia Podcast.

Welcome to The Ekklesia Blog.


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